Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fishing from the Atomix 420

It's been a long time since I took my camera out taking photos... My blog is turning into fish photos.. oh well...maybe this year I get back to my camera. Weather has been pretty rough with up to 3 mtr swells. The Atomix handles so well in rough seas!
Been getting a few KingFish each time I head out-- have a good spot about 5 and a half miles out which this year is holding KingFish from 70cm to 95cm.. and will get between 5 and 10 each morning on Jigs. Man what a work out!!  This year only on Pink jigs.. very strange.
Sounder broke a few weeks ago but the new one is great showing the schools of bait fish well to jig into.
Had a couple of good battles with sharks with a massive Bronze Whaler jumping right out of the water very close to the boat! The Marco Sharks look great swimming around the boat.. the big Bronze Whalers are a bit scary when your in a small boat lol

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