Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bronze Whaler Sharks in Tauranga Reef

Not the best video in the world! even upside down.. LOL but a little clip of 2 sharks that hung around my little boat this weekend. I have to admit was getting scary as they rushed around on the surface -- shame as I didn't get any footage of that...way too busy looking and bringing in my Kingfish.. then a couple of minutes later one crashed in the side of the boat!
 I was bringing up another rat Kingfish and the sharks started to move incredibly fast/worked up trying to eat it, rushing under and around the boat in a bit of a frenzy... Next thing both sharks went for the Kingfish-- I pulled it quickly out of the way into the boat and one shark rose up - crashed into the side of the boat rocking/tipping the boat on a angle almost threw me and my brother off balance and over!  One of my fishing rods went overboard-- but was able to get it back...  FUN but SCARY

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