Friday, January 3, 2014

Boating on Lake Taupo in the Atomix 420

Had a fantasic time at Lake Taupo. After years of hoildaying at the Lake it was nice to be back on the water. Like most Christmas hoildays the weather was hot/cold/sunny/raining all in the one day!. Enjoyed cruising around the Lake checking out the sites.. Did a bit of fishing.. nothing BIG! but did manage to catch 3 trout (my first in Lake Taupo).
Got back to Tauranga Thursday and then Friday headed out to my spot to get some Snapper and Kingfish.. Forcast was for 15 knot winds. got out about 2 miles but with a very confused chop/swell decided to be safe and came back inside the harbour. I did manage to pick up a couple of Kahawai.. lost one at the boat!  (did not use my net). Smoked it up that night.. very nice eating.

At last I have named the boat.
2nd Chance = after having to sell my last boat 15 years ago because of injury I am now back fishing.
I was impressd with the boat at Taupo.. I had 4 adults in it and it handled it well.. BUT would only do that in calm conditions ... I have had 2 adults and 2x 11 year olds in a bit of chop/wind and handled it fine

Looking forward in the next few days to getting out to my spot and try and land a nice big Kingfish!

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