Sunday, October 6, 2013

Atomix Boat 420

Was a fantastic day on Saturday.. No wind and flat seas so a great time to get out and check out a couple of reefs a bit closer. From having bigger boats and fishing out Motti Island way.. time was spent checking out some spots with the GPS and Sounder at 2 mile reef and a couple of good spots a little further out. Still impressed the boat.. 30 mile an hour top speed  Cruise at about 20 mile an hour. 3 hours crusing along with some trolling used about 9 liters of fuel!. The day was more about checking out spots but did get a bit of jigging in.. Caught just a big barra and a rock cod.. but at least the boat catches fish!. Did not see one bird!! or school of fish... Where are the Kahawia!!!

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