Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A couple of Taupo photos...

Well I can't belive we have had soo much rain!.. It's been so hard to get out and about and do a few day trips and take some photos.... So havent put any new photos on here again!!!. I havent been up to much, though I have spent a bit of time dancing in Tauranga on Sunday and Monday nights the Argentine Tango. It's so much fun :-) Decided to start teaching with a friend some basic moves in town after putting an add in the paper.

Looking forward to going back to Taupo for a few days soon.. need a bit of a break! well a trip overseas would be nice but hey... that can wait... Taupo will have to do for now. Just so much to do and see... some great walks and always nice to sit out on the lake front with a wine. Was at the races at Christmas and got a few good shots of the horses. Real interesting to go back to the stables and watch the horses getting ready for their races..

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